Aluminum conductor power cable quietly application

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  • On 15/11/2014
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In recent years, perhaps due to interest, cable industry is no longer dare to shout in the wire and cable products “Al generation copper” technology policy in this state “, instead of” nouns with aluminum copper “this ready to accept either course, almost to the aluminum core power cable and relegate to limbo. But in any case, the block, the development of science and technology is the irresistible. In our country, aluminum and aluminum alloy conductor cable is quietly application.

Europe and Japan have extensive use of aluminum core power cable. Why is the same aluminum core power cable, in Chinese so difficult to promote? The French power company (EDF) 63-500kV grid system of cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable, 95-2500mm2, 70% is the use of aluminum conductor, and they were not all cry not safe.

In the severe fluctuations in copper prices, copper cable industry hand out too expensive, the cable products have no profit at the same time, on the other hand, was afraid of copper prices, the mood is only the parties themselves most clearly.

In the copper price fluctuations that affect seriously cable products profit era, it is the best time to promotion of aluminium core cables, but we ourselves have still to adhere to those who have no problem in international argument, namely “aluminium core cable is easy to result in fire”, not monstrous absurdity. Specializing in the promotion of international organization of copper in the world, not only can not solve the problem also spare no effort in the fight against the price of copper, aluminium core cable, seriously misguided policy implementation of the cable industry.

In fact, in a variety of applications in the wire and cable, or with the aluminum core cable with copper core cable, design specifications are specified, as the cable manufacturer, it is important to the development and promotion of new products, not in use or copper aluminum core for brains, not with the others behind him. Moreover, with the cable laying installation technology, continuous aluminum conductor oxidation corrosion, and copper conductor transition joint problems have been solved, there is no significant technical barriers.

Recently, see on the aluminum alloy conductor power cable from the new project in favor of the report online, tell the cable users voice.

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