Effect of water on the properties of XLPE cable products

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  • On 18/11/2014
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With the development of market economy, the increasingly fierce competition, the competition between enterprises in the final analysis is the competition of product quality and service. As everyone knows, the product quality is the life of enterprise, good product quality will enable enterprises to remain invincible in the market competition, is the source of enterprise sustainable development. High voltage XLPE cable (XLPE cable) as the main products of Huadong power cable limited company, its quality level will directly affect the success or failure of the company in the market competition.

The company since its inception, through the joint efforts of all staff, the quality of our XLPE cable is in a higher level, then mainly discusses the harm of water generated by the XLPE cable. XLPE cable inlet consists of water inlet and a sheath for conductor (including internal protection), water or moisture for cables for use in polymer materials, can produce hydrolysis, reducing the strength and softness of the material, the moisture is polymer adsorption, absorption and diffusion, the electrical properties of serious deterioration, the surface resistance, volume resistivity and the breakdown strength decreases, the capacitance and dielectric loss tangent increase; cable inlet, under the action of the electric field, the product will have water treeing phenomenon, the higher relative humidity, the higher the temperature, the higher the voltage, the ion containing more water, water tree growth is faster; of these, will lead to the shortening of product life, serious breakdown products in the short term.

XLPE cable in the production process of water mainly concentrated in two steps: step crosslinking process and sheath. In the crosslinking process, because the cable waterproof joint untreated good reasons leads to cross-linking insulated wire core inlet, water or moisture once into the insulated wire core, it is difficult to deal with, cross-linking wire cut only water, waste materials, increase the cost of delay in delivery, even in the cable; sheath production process, because the operator working responsibility heart is not strong or operational errors, caused by the cable head fell into the water in the traction cable or not good control of cable outer sheath thickness and eccentricity in the production process, resulting in the sheath hole after the water into the inside of cable, such as head of water will only head inlet cable cut, influence cable delivery meters; such as cable sheath hole due to water, it is difficult to deal with dry, use hairdryer blowing, it is difficult to dry, once the cable delivery, in actual operation, cable inlet become potential risks of safe operation of cables, may ultimately lead to the breakdown of the cable or return, the consequences are very serious. In addition, in the middle of a packaging and transportation also have cable inlet phenomenon, once the cable head not sealed or cable sheath damage due to storage and transportation, can also cause the cable end inlet, customers to accept.XLPE cable inlet influence on the quality of the products you already know, how to avoid the cable inlet is in front of us, we need every staff strict control, strengthen the sense of responsibility, improve the operation level, the strict implementation of various operating procedures, methods, to avoid quality problems cable inlet, improve product quality, to improve the company’s market share and lay a solid.

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