High Voltage Cable Types

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  • On 22/11/2014
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High voltage XLPE insulated power cableTechnology has evolved a great deal in the last 20 years, but with all the changes, the transfer of power in its purest form hasn’t changed all that much. There are three main high voltage cable types or functions that one can use, the same today as it was thirty years ago or more. While insulation standards have evolved to better protect against electricity leakage and deterioration, the uses are largely the same. If you plan to use a high voltage cable, it will more than likely be for one of the following uses:

Instrument cables

Electricity powered instruments are all around you in such abundance that you may not even be aware they are using any. Consider the following instrument options: clocks, chronometers, electrometers, voltmeters, and multimeters, all used for different forms of measurement, serve engineers and electricians every day in the support of infrastructure. Without high voltage cables to take care of these functions, it would be very difficult for society to grow at the pace that it has managed over the last 100 years. Many people don’t think about the use of cables in the functionality of these things, because they are seamless in how they work.

AC/DC power transmission Cable

Consider all the home entertainment technology that powers your fun and leisure these days. Without high voltage cables, it would be difficult to fire up and log on to the Internet. It would be impossible to use wireless devices for an extended length of time. Wifi Internet connections would be non existent, and all the amazing advancements that the World Wide Web has brought with it would be rendered moot. Lack of AC/DC power transmission would result in probably the most obvious awareness in the average person’s daily life. High voltage cables once again are there working seamlessly behind the scenes to bring out all these functions.

Ignition systems

The automobile has been in use for around 100 years now, and it has revolutionized the way people travel. Each year new makes and models of cars are coming out to deliver even more horsepower and quicker and more reliable travel. Without the use of high voltage cables, however, the entire world would still be traveling by inferior steam based power sources or by horse and buggy. Each time that you turn the key to start your engine, thank years of advancement in electrical technology for the convenience of your daily travel.

High voltage cables offer a high degree of functionality and use that you just cannot get through other forms of power. As technology continues to improve, high voltage power cables will continue to grow in importance. If you are looking to keep up with the times, then buy only the safest and most powerful.

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