Power Cable Manufacturers A Range Of Quality Production

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Power cables are now a day available in a huge range. Power cables are available as per the uses in a variety of sizes, types and materials in the market. The major components required for the manufacturing of cables are insulation, conductor, protective jackets. The making of individual cables varies from application to application. An experienced power cable manufacturer consider some factors for determining the construction and material like the capacity to carry, working voltage, environmental conditions responsible for determining the composition and form of the cable jacket.

Within an overall sheath the assembly of two or more conductors held together is called power supply. Sometimes even plastic or metal sheath is used for enclosing the conductors. The electric power is transmitted through those assembly only. Power cable can be used in many ways like by running it overhead, buried in ground or as permanent wiring within the buildings. The large single insulated conductors are also known as power cables many a time.

Power cable accessories are required for the purpose for facilitating termination & joint whereas Electrical Power Jointing Kits helps in maintaining the continuity of long cables. A numerous manufacturing companies claims to produce the best quality electric power cables and jointing kits.

Small power cables use solid conductors. However Stranded aluminum or copper conductors are generally used by cables. Many a time uninsulated conductors are used for ground connection or circuit neutral. Whereas the materials used for making sheath for enclosing conductors are selected carefully. Only the materials which have the power to resist sunlight, water, oil, chemical vapors, high temperatures are taken into consideration.

Paper insulated lead covered (PILC) cables and Cross linked polyethylene ethylene (XLPE) cables are the two main competitors. XLPE cable have unique features like lighter weight, less maintenance, easier procedure for termination & jointing, better properties for both electrical as well as thermal which raises its demand and thus is gradually replacing PILC. However XPLE cables are widely used all over the world. The voltage range of PILC is from 1.1KV to 750KV AC.

Power Cable Jointing kits are another important accessories produced by Power Cable Manufacturer to maintain the continuity of cable especially of long length cables. A wide range of cable joints are manufactured now a day. A few points should be considered by the user while selecting an appropriate type of cable jointing system like site condition, voltage application, cable types and operating parameters. Pre-moulded, taped type, heat shrinkable and cold application are the few types of cable jointing kits available in the market.

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